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measured exchanges intergenerational program

“Looking across the Touchmark map, you’ll find a wide variety of outstanding programs and services.”
The intergenerational programs at Touchmark communities focus on connecting the generations. Plus, each program has an associated goal with measurable outcomes. Above all, Touchmark’s overall goal is to support programs and services that benefit the community at large as well as the participants.
Looking across the Touchmark map, you’ll find a wide variety of outstanding programs and services. Although programs vary to meet the needs of the local community, there are common themes and outcomes among Touchmark’s intergenerational programming:
  • Mentoring and tutoring: All 11 Touchmark communities have residents who volunteer at public and private schools and/or libraries to read with students who need the extra one-on-one attention of a volunteer with shared interests and skills. In addition to reading programs, there are knitting, quilting, cooking, and life-story projects that connect selected children and youth with residents. Teachers, scout and church leaders, and parents are the adult partners in programming that encourages long-term relationships with resident mentors.
  • Music, drama, and art: Students and older adults plan musical and dramatic productions and programs for residents and their guests. Writing scripts and stories, studying art history, and playing music together are some of the specific programs.
  • Needlework projects: Sewing, needlepoint, knitting, crocheting, and quilting are popular activities for residents, staff, and young people. Talented participants produce blankets, caps and booties, winter hats, scarves for Special Olympic athletes, and a host of other useful items intended for infants, children, and youth served by a variety of supporting service organizations.
  • Volunteer opportunities: In all communities, young people are invited to serve in volunteer roles in the classes, activities, events, and projects provided through the Life Enrichment/Wellness program.
Underlying all of these intergenerational activities is the importance of ongoing relationships and role models. Truly, lives are enhanced and enriched.