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To find a place near her daughter and family
Florida is a mighty long way from Oregon.
And there came a time when Ceil Hermann’s daughter in Bend hinted that she couldn’t fly to West Palm Beach, Florida, every time her mother got sick. “Not that I was sick a lot,” Ceil says. Still, she understood what her daughter had meant.
Ceil recalls thinking, “I guess it’s time for me to make a change.” So, Ceil visited Bend to find a place near her daughter and family.
The River Lodge at Touchmark wasn’t finished yet, but Ceil liked what she saw. She signed up for a new lodge home and returned to Florida to pack.
Ceil moved in the same day the River Lodge opened—in November 2003. “I have a wonderful two-bedroom, two-bath home overlooking the river,” Ceil says. “I have to be on the river; I never get tired of looking at it. I wanted a beautiful view, and I have it!”
Ceil’s son lives in Montana, “which isn’t too far away,” she says. And, of course, her daughter lives within a few miles now. Ceil and her daughter talk every day on the phone, which they could do even when they lived on opposite ends of the country, but these days they get to have lunches and dinners together once or twice a week and share special holidays and celebrations.
And if “a little medical emergency” should come up—like it did for Ceil recently—both mother and daughter can rest assured that this is the best place to be. “Touchmark takes care of everything,” Ceil says. “They are Johnny-on-the-spot!”
While she clearly enjoys spending more time with her daughter and family, Ceil also has developed a new family of friends at Touchmark and stays incredibly active. “I don’t think you should sit in your chair,” she says. “You should get out and do something!”
Ceil is always thinking ahead to her next adventure. It could be an opera with friends, a lively game of bridge, or an overnight outing to Portland. She also likes to visit her two grandchildren who live in Seattle. Her three other grandchildren live in different cities, and her great-granddaughter lives in Nashville.